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Specialising in Nature Based Psychotherapeutic Intervention

The therapy comes from within, below are and example of specific interventions that engage the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

Walk and Talk Therapy
Walk and Talk Therapy

Specific client centered individual therapy, based within the natural world and not in a clinic room. Walk and talk therapy represents a more democratic space for the therapeutic work to unfold as opposed to a room environment owned and controlled by the therapist. Outdoors is neutral territory, not owned by anyone, for everyone and not just people with problems.

You are able to find your voice as nature liberates you and reassures, without judgement or bias. It is possible to walk without talking and choose to interact with another person; silence is accepted. It adds movement and rhythm for clients who are agitated or find it hard to sit still.

Mindful In Nature

Specific client centered individual or group therapy. Mindfulness in nature with the use of guided imagery can support the reduction of rumination, improve emotional regulation, and promote pro-social behaviors. Sensory stimulating moments experienced in a garden or in nature naturally cultivate mindfulness - a psychological state of awareness- and engage not only the client but the practitioner as well. Mindfulness has become widely accepted in various therapeutic approaches as well as the mainstream consciousness in the last decade. Research supports how mindfulness techniques, meditation and guided imagery can provide a multitude of physical and mental health benefits, such as alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, and cultivating a sense of well being.

Medicine walk
Medicine Walk

Specific individual or group therapy. A facilitated exploration of the internal process that guide us and our understanding and perception of those processes. Therapeutic change as always comes from within.

The Four Shields
The Four Shields

Specific individual therapy. Working with the seasons, we are not static in terms of our state of mind or our ability to transcend difficulties. We are always in a process of change and transition from one season to the next, moving around a wheel of self allows us to connect with the wider processes in nature thus allowing exploration of those processes and how significant events in our lives  have shaped how we feel today. The Four Shields is based around the natural life processes of Birth, Growth, Senescence and Renewal, and encourages us to reflect and explore our past experience for the purpose of bringing about therapeutic change in our lives.

The Web Of Life
The Web Of Life

Specific individual or Group Eco Therapy. The web of life is offered as a guided imagery, visualisation exercise, to experience how interconnected we are with the rest of life, and how good it is to know that: how right it is. This experience can in itself bring about therapeutic change in us and opens the conversation as to how we come to rely on things, thoughts and feelings, and how we can change those to address issues that we are faced with.

Off the Beaten Path
Off the beaten path 

Specific individual and group ecotherapy. This exercise in nature allows us to look at how we can become programmed to feel the way we do, and how it makes us feel to 'go off the beaten path' and we can work at choosing not to feel a particular feeling, such as anger or sadness, if we can understand and manage the situations that trigger it.

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